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Meet the Bookseller with Ed Moreno

by Ed Moreno

We chat with Ed Moreno about Margaret Atwood’s talent for mythmaking and how Pablo Neruda’s writing prompted him to move to Central America.

Why do you work in books?

As soon as I was able to read, Dad made a chart which involved a specific reward for each book on the chart; I’d receive the reward once I’d read the book and told Dad what I thought of it. The reward usually involved more books…

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10 Writers of Companion Novels for YA Fans

by Emily Gale

Some readers stick loyally to a series while others prefer stand-alone novels, but companion novels can be a good fit somewhere in the middle - the fresh feel of a new story with the comfort of connecting characters. Here are 10 authors whose characters pop up in different stories.

1. J.D. Salinger

Salinger’s Glass family featured in several of his stories. Tavi Gevinson mentioned in he…

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What I Loved: The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville

by Emily Gale

My reading of Kate Grenville’s 1999 novel, the one she says brought a little-known Australian author international recognition (it won Britain’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, previously the Orange Prize), was a signifier of several new beginnings for me. It was a gift from a close friend as I was emigrating from London to live in Melbourne. This friend and I had shared a crush on Australia since we …

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Mark Rubbo on Melbourne Literary Projects

by Mark Rubbo

I wanted to write about two cool things that are happening in Melbourne.

The first is the 100 Story Building, a shop front in Footscray’s Nicholson Street mall. Sandwiched between a vacant store and the Commonwealth Bank, it opened for business a few weeks ago. It’s actually a one-story building but Lachlan Carter, Jess Tran and Jenna Williams, the drivers of the project, claim that there are 99…

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Why HBO should adapt Swamplandia!

by Bronte Coates

I’m an optimistic when it comes to adaptations - I like to believe the new interpretation will be better than expected rather than fear for the worst - so it’s disappointing to come to terms with one of my most-anticipated book-to-screen projects falling deep into development hell. Here’s why I think HBO should hurry up and create a television series of Karen Russell’s Pulitzer prize-shortlisted

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October Highlights

by Martin Shaw

Our books manager Martin Shaw shares his top picks for new releases this month.

Perhaps not, but if anyone was wondering whether the Australian male fiction writer had ‘gone missing’ in recent times – after a couple of years where the likes of de Kretser, Funder, Mears and Tiffany have ruled the Australian literary roost (and how) – the month of October sees a re-assertion, of sorts. Much-hera…

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John Safran on Murder in Mississippi

Belle Place interviews John Safran about his new true-crime book, Murder in Mississippi, the story of a white supremacist and his black killer.

For many readers, Mississippi typifies the Deep South and brings to mind typical associations – cotton fields, slavery, the blues. Tell us about the Mississippi that you encountered, and the everyday lives of the people that live there?

I’ve heard the…

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Our Top Picks from the Melbourne Festival

The program for Melbourne Festival is packed to the brim with exciting guests and performances. Here, our staff share their top picks for this year.

Belle is seeing Sun

I am going to see Sun, a contemporary dance production from UK-based choreographer Hofesh Shechter. Melbourne Festival brought Shechter’s super acclaimed Political Mother to us two year ago; Sun is said to be a departure fro…

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What We’re Reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Bronte is listening to The Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe

I’m crushing so hard on this album at the moment. Janelle Monáe’s music is fun and inventive and even though I know it’s too early to say this - I have a sneaking suspicion The Electric

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Six Degrees of Separation: Billie B Brown to Beatie Bow

by Emily Gale

In our new online series, Six Degrees of Separation, we map out pathways between books. Here, Emily Gale follows a trail of Australian female characters, showing how young readers can traverse from Billie B Brown to Beatie Bow, strengthening their reading skills along the way.

**Billie B Brown:**

Billie is easily the most popular Australian girl character of recent years for new readers. Ador…

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