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Small Organic Spaces

by Chris Gordon

It is not true that all people who like to garden are naturally practical people. We are not all ‘earthy’ or pragmatic and sometimes, we need help to make our vision of The Good Life (circa 1970s BBC television series) a reality. Frankly, what we urban gardeners/dreamers need is a manual.

Small Space Organics is that manual. Here is one text book that covers everything from growing edible water …

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Kids' & YA Books March Round-Up

by Emily Gale

Bushrangers, bankrobbers and missing person investigations all feature in this month’s round-up but don’t worry, it’s more hopeful than bleak, and we can confirm that the Next Big Thing is…cute little brothers.

It’s another great month for YA, especially the Australian variety, but first a novel from the States that’s so good I’m going to break all my own rules and use the term unputdowna

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Code Cracking with HJ Harper

by Holly Harper

To celebrate the release of Book 2 in the popular Bureau of Mysteries series for 8-12 year olds, we asked HJ Harper to share one of her favourite secret codes.

When I was in year five, I got caught passing notes in class.

I’d sent a note to my friend, telling her the time and location of the next meeting of our top secret detective club. I knew that if our teacher read it, our cover wou…

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What I loved: It’s Raining in Mango by Thea Astley

by Kara Nicholson

As 2013 will see the introduction of the inaugural Stella Prize, the first literary prize for Australian women writers, I feel compelled to revisit one of my favourite Australian authors.

Despite winning four Miles Franklin Awards – as many as Tim Winton and more than any other writer, male or female – Thea Astley’s novels have never reached an audience as widespread as the likes of Winton or Pe…

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International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and to celebrate we’ve asked Readings staff to tell us about their favourite women writers.

Jess Au, Readings Monthly editor

My pick for IWD would be the ever-brilliant Lorrie Moore. One could say that her female characters are all versions of the same person – in the same way that an actor is still that actor even in their many roles. And, just as Charlotte G…

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The Story of My Book: Samantha-Ellen Bound on What The Raven Saw

by Samantha-Ellen Bound

A love of children’s classics and a chance meeting with an imperious bird inspired this gorgeous novel for ages 10 and up.

What the Raven Saw was an unexpected book; it came out of nowhere, shoving aside all the ideas I’d been carrying around for ages, and forming itself into this weird and wonderful little manuscript with a vain, demanding raven at the centre.

It began as a major assess…

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Groupie Girl

by Simmone Howell

Simmone Howell writes on her failed attempt at groupiedom and her beloved collection of band-date paperbacks.

‘Research psychologists say that girls from the ages of 11-14 reach a lifetime high energy peak. Their appetite is insatiable. They never again care about things as much as they do during this period, and minutiae don’t exist for them.’

– Groupies & Other Girls by John Burks and Jerry

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Readings is 44 today

Visit one of our six stores today and say ‘Happy Birthday’ over the counter to receive a 20% discount off one full priced book. This offer is only valid in store and for one transaction per customer.

Happy birthday to us!

Back in 1969 Ross and Dot Readings, along with Peter Reid, opened a little independent book shop at 366 Lygon Street partly funded out of Dot’s teaching wage. Managing dire…

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Happiness and Its Causes Conference

Now in its 8th amazing year and for the first time in Melbourne on the 19th and 20th of June, 2013, Happiness & Its Causes is one of the world’s leading forums examining the varied causes of a happy and meaningful life.

Join special guest His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the world’s foremost expert on the science of life satisfaction Professor Ed Diener, acclaimed psychologist and researcher in the…

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Short loves by long-time fans

Contributors to the Sleepers Almanac No. 8 tell us about their favourite short stories and why they love them.

Eleanor Limprecht on ‘Good Country People’, a story from A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

I was a high school student in Arlington, Virginia, the first time I read Flannery O’Connor’s short story ‘Good Country People’ in her collection A Good Man is Hard to Find. It …

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