Winners of the 2009 Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards Announced


The winners of the inaugural Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards have been announced. More than 500 entries were received across the different categories of the awards presented by the City of Melbourne and Melbourne Library Service. The winners are:

Overall Lord Mayor’s Award
Mr Barry Thompson

Short Story Award
Randy – Mr Barry Thompson $1000

The judging panel for the main award said ‘Randy is a well-crafted and polished short story that gently draws the picture of an intimate relationship between two people, one where there is a deep sense of comfort and tension at the same time. The simple story of a young couple, a dog and a beach invokes a vivid sense of ‘together, alone’, that quality of familiarity and loneliness that sometimes comes from knowing someone very well, and never being entirely sure of what the future may hold. The dialogue at the centre of the scene is natural and seamless, and there is a lovely fluidity that threads through the story that is moody and evocative.’

Poetry Award
Columbinae – Ms Chloe Wilson $1000

Three Hour Book (Print Format) Award
Good on Paper – Mr Andrew Morgan $1000

Three Hour Book (E Book Format) Award
Why I Don’t Read Fiction – Mr James Cuomo $500
That Dreaded Day – Ms Felicity O’Brien $500

Youth Award
Columbinae - Ms Chloe Wilson $1000

The City of Melbourne is now considering an ongoing program for the Awards biennially.