The Story of My Book: Nathan Farrugia on The Chimera Vector

Nathan Farrugia guest blogs for us about the story of his new ebook, The Chimera Vector - a techno-thriller inspired by dystopian TV and the world of gaming.


If you told me ten years ago that I would write a shamelessly explosion laden thriller that teetered on science fiction and somehow hit number one on the Apple iBookstore SF charts, I would’ve laughed at you. And also wondered what the hell an iBookstore was. What is this sorcery?

The idea for The Chimera Vector – sort of inspired by the Dark Angel TV series and Half-Life video game – was born when mobile phones were bricks and Macs seemed to share the same product design as Fisher Price. With programmed covert operatives, helicopter battles and immortal psychopaths, I guess The Chimera Vector was an absurd debut for an Australian writer. A debut that was redrafted no less than ten times before eventually making its way into the hands of a literary agent, and then eventually making its way into the hands of a publisher. And rejected. Twice.

Most success stories include twenty, even fifty rejections. But I’m impatient so that didn’t happen. The epocalypse was upon us and self-publishing authors were cashing in with Comic Sans book covers and gleeful abandon. I wanted in. And in meant sacrificing The Chimera Vector to the hungry beast of the Amazon.

But first this required a natural talent of mine. Stalking. With a few years of Facebook under my belt, I was ready to stalk an editor through the long grasses of Twitter. Watching as my chosen prey (er, editor) grazed unsuspectingly in a nearby field, I had no idea he was soon to be the publisher of Pan Macmillan’s shiny new digital imprint, Momentum. In a strange turn of events the hunter had become the hunted. And before I knew it, I’d accidentally been published.

Cue ‘splosions?

The Chimera Vector is out now in ebook ($5.99)

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