The Story of my Book: Mark Evans on Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC

mark-evans The original bass player for AC/DC Mark Evans has written a memoir about his life and times in one of the world’s biggest bands. Mark guest blogs for us shedding some light on the stories behind the book.

The subtitle of my book Dirty Deeds is “My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC”, which is damn appropriate as that is exactly what it is, it’s the story of my life so far with all its ups and downs with me taking quite a few sideward glances to see if the coast was clear.

Dirty Deeds has its genesis in one major question that has popped up literally thousands of times from well-meaning punters at literally thousands of gigs that I have played; and that question is “What was it like playing in AC/DC?”…. actually TWO major questions, the other being “What was Bon Scott like?” So, Dirty Deeds is the first of its kind, a book that in part details the formative years of a Bon Scott-led AC/DC, written by someone that was in the band; me, an insider’s account. It covers the early days in Melbourne when I was a very welcome newcomer to the band because I was flush with funds from my last paycheck from my day gig with the public service and follows the band as we gained momentum here in Australia. This was the period when we made the landmark recordings, TNT, Dirty Deeds, It’s a Long Way to the Top and Jailbreak, toured the country without break and then set our sights firmly on the UK and Europe.

Dirty_Deeds_Dick_Barnatt_2 Mark and Bon Scott in the AC/DC heyday.

Now, as thrilling as playing bass guitar in AC/DC can be at times (and it was SO LOUD) those of you with a sharp eye for detail will have noted that Dirty Deeds’s subtitle indicates a life inside and OUT of AC/DC, that’s what the rest of the book is about. It’s what I have learned along the way, through some massive highs and unfortunately corresponding lows. It’s my theory on life that you will have matching peaks and troughs along the way, my theory has been borne of personal experience and it’s all there in Dirty Deeds.

The process of writing Dirty Deeds has been mostly enjoyable but at times a real test to relive and give account to parts of your private life that you just wish were different, equal parts cathartic and remedial. The writing of Dirty Deeds came at a time in my life that was ideal to take stock, have a cherished look back and then get on with the rest of it…that’s what I’m up to now.

Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC is now available in paperback ($32.99) and ebook ($16.99).

Mark Evans will be at Readings St Kilda this Thursday night (August 11th) at 6.30pm talking about his memoir with Paul Cashmere of Undercover. Free event, all welcome.