The Lindsay Tanner Sideshow

tanner Former federal minister for finance Linday Tanner has been all over the media in the past week, talking up his new book Sideshow: Dumbling Down Democracy - which is part-memoir, part-political analysis and part-media analysis.

You can look back over Tanner’s 7.30 interview with Leigh Sales, his Radio National interview Fran Kelly, Michael Gordon’s article on Tanner in the Age and Peter van Onselen’s (negative) review of the book in the Australian.

In his Readings review, Peter Gordon, says, ‘The book should be regarded as a flashing amber light, warning us all that unless there are changes to the way the media and politicians behave, our society will become increasingly disassociated with and disaffected by public affairs and political issues.’

You can read the first chapter of Sideshow for free below and make up your own mind about some of what Tanner has to say about contemporary Australian politics and its media coverage.

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Sideshow: Dumbing Down Democracy

Sideshow: Dumbing Down Democracy

Lindsay Tanner

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