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Q&A with Anna Krien

by Jessica Au

In Night Games, Anna Krien takes a fearless and compelling look at the dark side of footy culture – in particular the disturbing incidents that took place in a South Melbourne townhouse after the 2010 grand final that culminated in the rape trial of a young footballer. Here, she talks to Jessica Au.

What drew you to explore this side of sporting culture? Did you feel that this was a book that

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Hannah Kent chats to Margo Lanagan

Hannah Kent talks to Margo Lanagan about researching nineteenth-century Iceland, her mentorship with Geraldine Brooks and her astonishing debut novel, Burial Rites.

The saga of Burial Rites began when, at 17, Hannah Kent spent a year in Iceland as an exchange student. For the first few months, ‘I didn’t speak the language, I was homesick, I was horribly conscious of the fact that I “did no…

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Anna Goldsworthy chats with Emily Maguire

by Emily Maguire

Anna Goldsworthy talks to Emily Maguire about life as a first-time mother, the awes and anxieties of early love, and memoir without a capital M.

When pianist and writer Anna Goldsworthy canvassed the idea of writing a book about first-time motherhood, she found most of the people she spoke to ‘weren’t exactly keen … There’s an anxiety that writing about motherhood is going to be boasting a…

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Benjamin Law chats with Michelle Dicinoski

by Benjamin Law

Michelle Dicinoski talks to Benjamin Law about revolution and love, our hidden queer histories and her debut memoir Ghost Wife.

Cast your mind back to the last decade, and you might be forgiven for thinking same-sex marriage was going to be legalised in Australia at any moment. For the first time in history, the majority of polled Australians supported the idea. Around the world, countries…

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Sushi Das interviews Lesley Jørgensen, author of Cat & Fiddle

by Sushi Das

In 2011, Lesley Jørgensen won the CAL Scribe Fiction Prize for her debut, Cat & Fiddle, a multicultural, multigenerational portrait of marriage and culture clash in modern-day Britain. Here, she talks to Sushi Das about love, belonging and her own marriage into an Anglo-Bangladeshi family in England.

‘In Christian text, the focus on sexuality is battening it down. It’s really only acceptable i…

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Q&A with Anna Funder, author of All That I Am

by Jo Case

Jo Case interviews Australian writer Anna Funder, of Stasiland fame, about her first foray into fiction, All That I Am. The idea of choosing not to witness – and the moral responsibilities that carries – is central to the book. There are characters who don’t see things they don’t want to know about those closest to them. And on a national level, Britain seems to wilfully choose not to know wha…

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