Loving Richard Feynman

I read Loving Richard Feynman in one sitting (actually it was one lying, I was in bed) and by the end I was a very satisfied reader. It’s a small book, which is a wonderful and rare thing at the moment for young adult fiction as nearly every book is a series that is about 500 pages and goes for 4 books! I fancy an author who can tell a story in a small number of pages, captivating and entertaining their readers with a modest sized book. Which is exactly what Penny Tangey does with her first novel. loving-richard-feynman

Catherine loves science, believes herself to be unattractive, nerdy and socially inept. Does she care that she is all these things, sometimes. But, in the words of Richard Feynman: What do you care what other people think? And so it is with this quote that Catherine begins to vent her angst and life problems on the now dead scientist.

While writing to a dead scientist may seem weird, Catherine’s problems are far from it. Dealing with her parents split, hormones and regular teen problems of generally not fitting in (free dress day truly is a nightmare for every teen, especially the not so cool ones….I speak from personal experience!!) Catherine’s letters are simply another form of diary writing, but made more interesting by bringing in another person whom she can vent to.

Loving Richard Feynman tackles many issues that are often present in young adult novels, yet are never tired, however the one thing that I found a present theme, and a very important one to remember, is that no one in this world is perfect, and sometimes you just have to forgive them for being human.

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Clara in Washington

Clara in Washington

Penny Tangey

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