Fabulous Classical Box Set Sale

It’s that time of the year again - the Readings fabulous Classical Box Set Sale has begun!

classical_composersEvery year in September we offer some amazing discounts on box sets of all types of classical music. There are recordings for everyone here but if you’re new to classical music you might want to start with the Famous Composers Box featuring some of the best works ever written in the genre of classical music.

decca_sound*The Decca Box of 50 CDs* ‘best of the best’ collection is also a great pick for classical music lovers. And if you’re into more specialised music, we’ve got amazing quality box sets for early music lovers, instrumental lovers, contemporary music fans, choral music nuts, opera fanatics and more.

If you need some help making decisions, then have a read of our online reviews or drop by one of our stores to chat to the music staff.

Or you can do what I do, and cave and buy all of the ones you want!

kate-rockstrom-pic Kate Rockstromis a Classical Specialist at Readings Carlton. She regularly performs as a flautist as well as writing about music and books, follow her at www.stonestream.net.