Book of the Week: Winter Journal by Paul Auster

Our Book of the Week is Winter Journal, a new work of memoir from Paul Auster.


If you’re interested in literature that experiments with existentialism and issues of identity, you’re probably already heard of Paul Auster. His novels challenge conventions of form and narrative, frequently using elements of crime fiction. His first work of memoir The Invention of Solitude is a moving and personal meditation on fatherhood, and now with Winter Journal Auster looks to his mother’s life and death.

This book is elegant and unconventional. In Nicole Lee’s review she writes, “Events do not necessarily lead to one another; instead, they traipse along in a non-linear fashion, stopping off to paint a scene and then just as nonchalantly moving on again, as if the events were unfolding in real life itself.”

If you’re interested in reading more about Auster’s process as a writer have a look at this fascinating interview from The Paris Review.

Winter Journal is out now in paperback ($29.99).