Book of the Week: Pilgrimage by Jacinta Halloran

Our Book of the Week is Pilgrimage, a new novel from Jacinta Halloran.


Jacinta Halloran’s new novel Pilgrimage is about a collision of faiths, about familial relationships, about mothers, sisters and daughters. The protagonist Celeste has left religion far behind her but when her mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her mother and sister to a pilgrimage site in a Romanian village.

In this article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Jacinta says, ‘I’m interested in writing about a character who has tried to live her life and, for whatever reasons, circumstances have conspired and she ends up in a situation where things haven’t turned out the way she might have hoped.’

In Piglrimage this struggle between a planned life, and the reality, is wonderfully presented. Our Readings Monthly editor, Jessica Au, called the book one of the best Australian novels of the year. in her review. Jessica wrote, ‘Halloran does a near-perfect job of capturing the nuance of what it means to be a daughter and a mother and a wife – to be stirred with both rage and empathy…’

Pilgrimage is out now in paperback ($29.95) and ebook ($17.99).

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