Book of the Week: Canberra by Paul Daley

Our Book of the Week is Canberra by Paul Daley.


New South’s City Series is an innovative, beautifully produced collection of titles that explore Australia’s capital cities through the eyes of prominent authors. Paul Daley’s Canberra is the latest addition.

In 2011, Meanjin featured an email conversation between the series' authors in which Paul Daley wrote, ‘Canberra’s history, while younger than much of colonial Australia’s, is no less dramatically, compellingly human and gritty than that of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane’.

Our reviewer, Readings Monthly editor Jessica Au, reinforces this view calling Canberra ‘an intriguing narrative of power-play and cultural clash’.

‘There are some wonderful moments of discovery throughout – including … an unbelievable aside about a Jack Russell and tiger snake caught in the ultimate Mexican stand-off.’

Canberra is out now in hardback ($29.99) and ebook ($16.99).

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