Alphabet Books and Posters

wolf We’re very fond of local, small-scale and handmade at Readings, so we thought we should tell you about these gorgeously designed alphabet posters and books by Melbourne artist Madeleine Griffith.

The illustrations feature twenty-four animals in watercolour, pen and ink. There are animals from land, sea and air, with some lesser known creatures such as sea urchins, squids, iguanas and yaks among the more familiar beasts.

The books and posters are printed on 100% recycled paper, and the pocket-sized books have hand-stitched binding.

alphabet-poster The Alphabet poster.

The talented Madeleine has worked as an animator, producer, director, illustrator, model maker and teacher for companies such as Miramax, HBO, the History Channel and MTV, but we’re secretly hoping she produces more books for kids!

Alphabet by Madeleine Griffith.