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Nicolai Lilin

by Anthony Morris

Nicolai Lilin’s memoir Siberian Education tells the story of growing up in a tiny, tightly knit community of ‘honest’ and ‘dishonest’ criminals in Transdniestria, a remote region between Moldovia and the Ukraine. Crime buff and screen critic Anthony Morris (Empire, The Big Issue, Kill Your Darlings) spoke to him for Readings.

Tattoist and writer Nicolai Lilin.

What was the reaction to your boo

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Fiona McGregor

by Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas, much-loved author of The Slap, is an outspoken fan of Fiona McGregor’s new novel Indelible Ink, which he calls ‘absolute f&$%ing gold’. He spoke to Fiona about the book for Readings' New Australian Writing Feature series.

At the centre of Fiona McGregor’s wonderful new novel, Indelible Ink, is Marie, a divorced grandmother in North Shore Sydney who one day drunkenly wanders in…

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Benjamin Law

by Marieke Hardy

Benjamin Law is one of those writers who, when you mention his name to those in the know, evokes exclamations of warm enthusiasm. Within the writing community, and among readers of the ultra-hip Frankie magazine, where Law has long been a senior writer, he is, quite simply, loved. With good reason: his writing is laugh-out-loud funny, deeply moving and razor-sharp smart. Now, his small but devote

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Philip Pullman

by Jo Case, editor of the Readings Monthly newsletter

Philip Pullman is one of the world’s highest profile atheists. His His Dark Materials trilogy, which was fiercely critical of organised religion, was a worldwide bestseller, and he has been an outspoken public critic of the church. At the same time, his upbringing was steeped in religion and he combines his criticisms with a deep knowledge of Christian culture. In this latest (perhaps most contro

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Rod Moss

by Barry Hill

Rod Moss has been living and painting in Alice Springs for over two decades, forging close ties with the Aboriginal community there. He shares his experiences – and his artwork – in this amazing new memoir, The Hard Light of Day. Barry Hill, award-winning author of Broken Song, spoke to him for Readings' New Australian Writing feature series.

Rod Moss, a strongly built, gentle man who arrived in…

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Maile Meloy

by Jo Case

Maile Meloy earned both critical and popular acclaim with her compelling first novel Liars and Saints, a literary soap opera following 60 years in the life of one Catholic family from World War II onwards. But it’s the quietly addictive, impressively diverse short-story collection Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It - which comes with raves from Richard Ford and Ann Patchett as well as The New Yo…

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Susan Maushart

by Christine Gordon, Readings' Events Coordinator

In this Mother’s Day special feature, Readings’ Chris Gordon talks to Susan Maushart about her funny, engaging and thought-provoking new book, The Winter of Our Disconnect – about her household experiment in going cold turkey with technology for six months, and the impact it had on her family’s life.

There are many elements of your book that I enjoyed. In particular I was pleased not to be readi

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Maria Tumarkin

by Rachel Power

Maria Tumarkin is one of Australia’s most interesting writers and thinkers. Her books are intellectual journeys deep into the core of their subjects, blending the personal and the political; philosophy, history and memoir. Her first book, Traumascapes, was a survey of the impact and meaning of sites of horrific events. Her second, Courage, is an eclectic and engaging study of the true meaning of

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Jon Doust

by Jo Case

Jon Doust’s debut book, Boy on a Wire has been longlisted for the 2010 Miles Franklin Award. A darkly funny coming-of-age story, it’s a ripping read with echoes of Craig Sherborne’s Hoi Polloi. Jo Case spoke to him for Readings.

The cover of your book says it’s a memoir; on your website you’ve said it’s ‘a sort of fiction based on a kind of life’ you once knew. What is it – fiction or memoir?

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David Musgrave

by Jo Case

David Musgrave is a poet, publisher and critic – and now a novelist. Jo Case spoke to him about his wonderfully Australian satire, Glissando for Readings.

The journals of Archie Fliess’s grandfather are an important thread of the story, interwoven throughout the text. What made you decide to use this technique of the journals to tell his portion of the story? Were there any challenges in craftin

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