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Book Launch: Small Acts of Defiance

The Fitzroy Art Collective - 66 Cecil Street, Fitzroy

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Join Lee Kofman to celebrate the launch of the remarkable debut novel, Small Acts of Defiance from acclaimed prize-winning short fiction writer Michelle Wright.

Set in 1940, after a bitter tragedy, young Australian woman Lucie and her French mother Yvonne are forced to leave home and seek help from the only family they have left- Lucie’s Uncle Gerard. As the Second World War engulfs Europe, the two women find themselves trapped in German-occupied Paris, sharing a cramped apartment with the authoritarian Gerard and his extremist views. Drawing upon her artistic talents, Lucie risks her own safety to engage in small acts of defiance against the occupying forces and the collaborationist French regime, where the authorities reward French citizens for denouncing so-called ‘traitors’ in their community.

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Small Acts of Defiance

Small Acts of Defiance

Michelle Wright

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