Commonwealth Writers' Prize, South East Asia and Pacific, 2010 Shortlist

 Read reviewLook Who's Morphing

Look Who’s Morphing

Tom Cho

This is a collection of stories about transformation, with the storyteller and his family shifting through identities drawn from comics, video games, daytime TV, porn flicks and movies, in fantasies of sexual and physical power.

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 Read reviewThe Ice Age

The Ice Age

Kirsten Reed

Across the heartless expanse of middle America, a teenaged girl is riding shotgun with an older man. She watches him; she sees her fascination tallied in the black looks of waitresses, the knowing smiles of motel clerks. The man...

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 Read reviewDocument Z

Document Z

Andrew Croome

A masterful, taut and atmospheric novel of political espionage and intrigue, telling the story of the Petrov defection during the Cold War of the 1950s. Winner of the 2008 The Australian/Vogel Literary Award.

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Siddon Rock

Siddon Rock

Glenda Guest

When Macha came home from the war she walked into town as naked as the day she was born, except for her well worn boots, a slouch hat, and the .303 rifle she held across her waist. She patrols Siddon Rock by night, watching over...

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Come Inside

Come Inside

G. L. Osborne

A ship is wrecked in 1887 near the small country town of Colego. The sea throws up one troubled survivor who claims to know only her name. Glenys Osborne's compelling first novel traces the impact of the loss of the Lucy on the...

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 Read reviewSummertime


J. M. Coetzee

Summertime shows us a great writer as he limbers up for his task. It completes the majestic trilogy of fictionalised memoir begun with Boyhood and Youth.

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