Fall Girl

Toni Jordan

Fall Girl
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Fall Girl

Toni Jordan

Meet Ella Canfield, highly qualified evolutionary biologist. Attractive, if a little serious-looking in those heavy glasses - but then she’s about to put her career on the line. Dr Canfield is seeking funding for a highly unorthodox research project. She wants to prove that an extinct animal still roams in one of Australia’s most popular national parks. Meet Daniel Metcalf, good-looking, expensively dishevelled millionaire. Quite witty but far too rich to be taken seriously. He heads the Metcalf Trust, which donates money to offbeat scientific research projects. He has a personal interest in animals that don’t exist. Problem number one: There is no such person as Dr Ella Canfield. Problem number two: Della Gilmore, professional con artist, has never met anyone like Daniel Metcalf before. Someone is going to take a fall.


Look, to be honest, Toni Jordan is funny. Her writing can make you laugh out loud. Her style has a certain seductive lightness. We, dear readers, found this out in Toni’s first madly successful novel, Addition. Here, in her second, Fall Girl, we get a little more of her wacky characters that do seem to live in our world in the sense that they buy coffee, clothes and have trouble with their friends and parents, but yet are amusing in that eccentric Four Weddings and Funeral fashion.

In the end, Toni writes about unconventional people falling in love. Fall Girl centres on Ella Canfield, brilliant biologist (or is she?) and ‘surprisingly’ attractive, meeting Daniel Metcalf, millionaire, ‘surprisingly’ attractive – and dishevelled. So far, one can see the end line. Girl meets boy and they fall in love. Well, not so fast – this is after all written by Toni Jordan, who is funny. There are twists in this story – think of the BBC show Hustle and then combine that with any film with Hugh Grant in it and you get the general gist. With Fall Girl, you also get a fastpaced, laugh-out-loud story, all set in a Victoria that we know and love.

Fall Girl is a fun read written by one of Melbourne most accessible writers. I will be surprised if Fall Girl does not become the book to take to the beach, pool, or park over summer. Sometimes we all need a little escape from our own mundane lives and with Toni Jordan, one is in very safe hands.

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