Lucy Family Alphabet The

Lucy, Judith

Lucy Family Alphabet The
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Lucy Family Alphabet The

Lucy, Judith

Judith Lucy has been cracking jokes about her parents for years. But when a birth relative’s casual comment implied that she despised them, Judith was shocked. Sure, she had been talking about Ann and Tony Lucy like they were one-dimensional Irish nutbags who’d ruined her life for years, but there was always more to them and her own feelings than that.So Judith decided it was time to write the full story of her parents and her childhood. And here it is, a reference book on all things Lucy from:A is for Adoption (she is) to C is for Cleaning (they didn’t) and for Counselling (you’ll find out why she had a lot of it) to D is for Diets (she was put on one at eight) to H is for Heart Attack (her father’s) to M is for Make Up (her father’s) to N is for Nuts (there was a falling out over testicles) to R is for Review (to do with Nuts) to T is for Tanscendental Meditation (it didn’t work) to X is for Xmas (when a lot of this started) and beyond…In amongst the gags Judith explores the people her parents were and the impact of finding out - at twenty-five - that she was adopted. We meet Judith’s birth mother by learn that ultimately it was her very unusual parents who made her who she is today.The Lucy Family Alphabet is funny and ruthlessly honest, but also a moving tribute to the lunatics who raised one of Australia’s best-known comedians.


‘Comedian Judith Lucy has a voice. A distinctive voice, which you either adore with a devotion bordering on psychotic or loathe with an equally ferocious passion. I happen to find her voice absolutely marvellous, which is just as well since her debut novel The Lucy Family Alphabet is written in such patented Lucy style it’s simply impossible to get that aforementioned voice out of your head. Every dry aside is delivered in her punchy, droll fashion; each self-deprecating anecdote (and the book is abundant with them) archly related to the reader in a mode that is inimitably Judith’s. I am thankful for it, but if you’re not a fan don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Lucy Family Alphabet is essentially a collection of personal memories broken down into alphabetised headings (A is for Alcohol, G is for Gladwrap etc), and doesn’t skirt around the more difficult recesses of adolescence and early adulthood. Lucy is raw and open about her family failings, and refreshingly unapologetic for any resulting neuroses. She is frank, brutal and - most pleasingly of all - piss funny. There should be more writers willing to go that extra mile and lay themselves bare, and to hell with the consequences. We are lucky to have such a voice in existence.

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