How to Heal a Broken Wing

Bob Graham

How to Heal a Broken Wing
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How to Heal a Broken Wing

Bob Graham

When Will helps an injured bird, he learns that a little kindness can go a long way.No one in the busy city sees the bird lying on the pavement, its wing broken. No one but a small boy called Will. He and his mum carry it home and, with time, rest, and a little bit of hope, the wing mends…and they set the bird free to soar over the city once more.


A pigeon flies into a skyscraper window, and in the busy grey city only one little child, with red jacket and golden hair, notices. He and his mother wrap the pigeon carefully in her scarf and carry it home, where with ‘rest, time and a little hope’ slowly, it heals. This is vintage Bob Graham, celebrating the everyday, noting small kindnesses, his seemingly simple illustrations revealing more with each reread. It is rare for a picture book by an Australian illustrator to be reprinted twice in America before publication. But not surprising. A picture book for 2-5 year olds, but really for all ages.

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