Only Sparrows Deluxe Edition

Pyke Josh

Only Sparrows Deluxe Edition
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Only Sparrows Deluxe Edition

Pyke Josh

  1. Clovis' Son
  2. Coffee Cups
  3. No One Wants A Lover
  4. The World Is A Picture
  5. Diet Of Worms
  6. Punch In The Heart (feat. Katy Steele)
  7. Break, Shatter, Make, Matter
  8. Good Head Start
  9. Factory Fires
  10. Particles
  11. Follow Me Down
  12. Love Lies


Josh Pyke is the kind of guy you secretly hope to meet one day: not only is he a bit cute, but his ability to turn guitar and dream-like singing into the story of your life – love, family, happiness, pain and all that’s in-between – is downright good for the ears. This is summery indie-folk, sometimes tender and pared back, as in ‘Punch in the Heart’ (with Little Birdy’s Katy Steele); sometimes transformed by well-timed violins to turn ‘Coffee Cups’ from its gentle beginnings into something spine-tingling; or, like ‘Break, Shake, Make, Matter’, harking back to his trademark chipper-melancholy Pyke style. Lovely.

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