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Steven Lochran

Elite superhero team Vanguard Prime has a new recruit …

Sam Lee was just a normal teenager, until the disastrous emergence of his superpowers. Now he has the chance to join his childhood heroes and become the youngest-ever member of Vanguard Prime. But when the time comes, will Sam have what is takes to save the world

Ages 10+


steve1The first book in this series introduces us to Sam ‘Goldrush’ Lee, a teen who’s just discovered his own superpower and, as a result, scores a membership with the elite force Vanguard Prime on the largest warship in the world.

Despite Sam’s misgivings about his ability to fit in, the youngest-ever member soon finds himself on a deadly mission against The Overman, a telekinetic goodie-turned-baddie.

‘A labour of love’ is how Puffin describes this debut novel and that’s exactly what stops it from being the formulaic story that it might appear to be. Lochran lets his sense of humour shine through in a way that is entirely appropriate for a comic-book-inspired superhero series.

Sam is a character we can all get behind – the plot is fast-paced and, along with the fact that the elite squad contains some strong and capable female superheroes, I’m more than happy to recommend this to readers of 10 and up.

emily-gale-staff-pic Emily Gale is a Children’s & YA Specialist at Readings Carlton, and a Children’s & YA writer the rest of the time. Her other title is ‘Mum’, or more accurately ‘Muuuuuuuuum!’

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