Zebedee's Balloon
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Zebedee’s Balloon

Alice Briere-Haquet, Olivier Philipponneau

Zebedee has got a balloon which he brings everywhere with him. But oneday the balloon disappears! Where is it? Zebedee wanders in the night in order tofind it. He is afraid, and feels lonely without his precious balloon. Will they finally find the balloon? A beautiful story about friendship and trust.


Oo la la, I love this picture book that began life in France and now, with this English translation, we also get to enjoy. The charming two-tone wood engravings on lovely thick art paper make this book a joy to handle and you know what? Zebedee’s a cute little guy as well.

However, he has a problem. He has lost his balloon, which was his best friend and went everywhere with him. Lost in the night without ‘Ball’, he is scared. Owl takes him under his wing and as they search together they meet other creatures who all join in and voila, the search becomes a counting book. Zebedee has lots of new friends and isn’t scared of the dark anymore.

For ages two and up.

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